Before You Take the Entrepreneurial Plunge, Consider Various Business Models

There are some business models that are more accessible than others, to individuals who have little or no collateral, little or no cash, little or no entrepreneurial experience, little or no training, and little or no choice but to pursue an entrepreneurial dream without the benefit of resources which would ordinarily be nice to have. The purpose of this article is to briefly review some of the alternatives.First, there are product oriented businesses versus service oriented businesses. In the case of the former, questions arise as to the source(s) of supply, how the inventory is to be managed, whether the product is perishable, and how the product is delivered into the hands of the customer. The business may need a substantial physical infrastructure. In the instance of a product like new cars, you need a lot, a parts department, service and cleanup capacity, and a sales, financing, and administration area. You will also need lighting, security, and other amenities to ensure that buyers have a sense of confidence in the business. If you’re selling ice cream, you need to keep it cold; this implies freezers and refrigerated trucks, perishibility, and substantial energy bills. If you’re selling clothes, you need display and storage space for a variety of sizes and styles. In all of these cases, you need the product itself in inventory. You might also wish to categorize this type of business as having one other similarity among others of like kind: these are “brick and mortar” businesses.Service businesses may also require “bricks and mortar,” so just because a product is not physically stocked or otherwise identified as tangible, one must not jump to conclusions. A day spa, a bank, or a hotel, are all examples of service businesses that are also brick and mortar businesses. Generally speaking, brick and mortar businesses rely on a “place” where they must exist, and acquiring such a place requires capital. The “place” characteristics of a given business may carry great weight in the eyes of its customers or clientele. It should not be a surprise that many hotels and apartment complexes invest heavily in lobby and entrance areas when designing their facilities.One might expect that professionals such as attorneys would charge significantly more, or less, simply judging by the type of offices in which their practices are located. Let’s compare two hypothetical situations. The first is the instance of an attorney whose office comes complete with marble floors, collectable paintings, and an attractive, albeit somewhat pouty, reception area representative. We could then compare this to another attorney, whose office is combined with an income tax service and a small engine repair business. The difference between the two is about $300 an hour. There’s a reason that high profile celebrity defendants hire so-called “dream teams” for representation: they get positive results.Some businesses sell undifferentiated products or services. This means that the product or service offered by one business is the same, or substantially the same, as the one offered by competing businesses. A gallon of gasoline is probably a good example. (At the present time, it appears that every provider has the same goal: reap substantial profits from consumers.) One station may attempt to distinguish itself from another through slight pricing differences. Oil companies may proclaim “we do research to protect the environment with clean burning fuels that are better for your car”; but, a gallon of gas is a gallon of gas in the eyes of most consumers. Any slight price differences, auxiliary services such as clean rest rooms and a convenience store, and location largely determine where consumers will ultimately spend their money (in ever increasing amounts, it seems).All business models require some form of promotion. The “person on the street” typically confuses terminology that is actually quite specific. The terms promotion, advertising, and marketing are often incorrectly used interchangeably, for instance. Marketing is inclusive of price, product, place, and promotion. A business can be promoted through word-of-mouth and referral; therefore, a good reputation and testimonials should be cultivated by any business. Some products require heavy paid advertising. “Paid” is the critical word here, in that it suggests that the advertiser has some choice in placing a message before a desired audience. By definition, advertising is paid, non-personal communication; ordinarily it is underwritten by an identified sponsor; it is meant to be informative, if not persuasive in nature. By far, most advertising is local, even though one might tend to first think of national advertisers and brands in an advertising recall test (a test of what someone remembers).Another way to promote a product is through personal selling efforts. Some types of businesses use independent representatives for this purpose, because it makes sense. For example, suppose that one has a line of porcelain figures that are sold primarily through gift stores. However, as a small business, it would be hard to afford a staff of in-house sales representatives to call on thousands of gift stores nationwide. One could use a firm that represents several product lines (such as greeting cards, writing pens, and silver) and simply add the porcelain figurines to the list of products that might be presented to gift store owners and buyers during sales calls. In a small business, it is the management team’s job to make sure that someone is doing the selling. It helps if the owner is comfortable with this role, as his or her passion for the business can usually be leveraged. However, if you are a prospective business founder, and you are not comfortable addressing audiences one-on-one, in small groups, or behind a podium, you’d better enlist one or more individuals who are competent in this area, for the sake of your future success.After reviewing more marketing and business plans than I can any longer count, I can just about bet that material under the heading “Promotion,” will be the Achilles’ heel in a majority of plans. Authors of these plans, who are often lacking adequate financial wherewithal, tend to sum up an entire treatise on promoting a proposed product, service, or business with: “We will use word-of-mouth to advertise [sic]…” Word-of-mouth is a fantastic way to promote, if is nurtured. A large “buzz” can be created with a great product that is professionally represented through an in-house sales force, or independent representatives. Companies selling encyclopedias, vacuum cleaners, and cosmetics were built through independent representatives who approached consumers directly. More recent examples have utilized network marketing, where an emphasis on building organizational teams has been made. Senior representatives’ roles are to mentor the development of new representatives.There are labor and equipment intensive businesses, and there are knowledge intensive businesses. Either can be relatively easy, or relatively difficult for a competitor to duplicate. It all depends on the degree of investment and specialization necessary to get into a business. This concept also suggests that there are certain “entry costs” into a given line of business or industry, and these costs represent barriers that must be overcome. The opening statement to this article, where I outlined various “little or no” scenarios, should be reiterated here. You should find a business that meets the “little or no” test according to your set of circumstances. A personal service or consulting-type business is far less expensive to launch than a restaurant or a retail store. If you have speaking skills and a set of overheads and hand-outs, consider a training and development business. If you’re good at matchmaking, become a recruiter or a dating expert.Most of my own prior business endeavors have been service oriented businesses that required some specialized knowledge. Building a clientele and personally servicing that clientele has been a central premise in each of these entrepreneurial instances. That has often entailed long hours, scheduling dilemmas, and few breaks in between: clients want what they want, when they want it, which, more often than not means “yesterday.” With the advent of the Internet, an entirely new realm of entrepreneurial opportunity was opened to me and millions of other would-be entrepreneurs around the globe. Recognizing some fundamental differences in business models, I registered the Internet domain name, “,” along with numerous others.The main difference in Internet business models has to do with the fact that one can create an online presence, with the capability to represent numerous types of products or services, many of which can be entirely transacted and delivered using the Web as a facilitator of that process. Digital products can be downloaded; physical products can be delivered through contracted fulfillment services. A related concept, known as drop-shipping, can allow an Internet business to overcome this latter obstacle as well. Drop-shipping means that when an order is generated on an entrepreneur’s Web site, the product supplier or manufacturer will receive the order and send the shipment directly to the consumer. There is a virtual presence facilitated by technology and strategic relationships, as compared to a physical presence with associated brick and mortar costs. Hence, my own working definition of “webpreneurship” began to take shape.Information products such as electronic books and reports have also created yet another new term in our vocabulary, known as “infopreneurship.” Infopreneurship has to do with making a living (on the part of the infopreneur) by providing information of value. Prior to the advent of the Internet infopreneurs did exist, although they operated under a whole different set of constraints that had to do with the costs of advertising, mailing, shipping, printing, and other expenses that the Internet has largely eliminated.Even those business types that cannot complete the full product or service creation, selling, and delivery cycle, can enhance their presence over the Internet. For example, you can’t get a haircut on the Internet, but you certainly can look at styling options, pricing and service options, and location information (including interactive maps and directions); subsequently, you can book an appointment time and date. Basic Internet businesses can be created at relatively low cost, and can be maintained with a flexible schedule, assuming that they are fully automated and sell a product such as information and reports as compared to one that requires a physical product to be shipped. An entrepreneur may exercise the drop-shipping or fulfillment services mentioned above, or handle this for him or herself in-house. Of course the latter situation, relative to business models, entails providing availability to customers that confines the entrepreneur to the business during its publicized hours of operation.Franchises and business opportunities (including buying an existing business) provide one major advantage over other business ventures that are started from scratch: greater certainty derived from a formula that is “tried and true.” If you have no idea where to start, but you are trainable and ambitious with a few dollars to spend, consider a franchise. There are some franchises that use what amounts to a “promote from within” approach, favoring successful managers as candidates for franchise ownership (and providing a helping hand toward financing the franchise fees). Bootstrapping and sweat equity go hand-in-hand, and if you really want a piece of the action, there are individuals out there who are looking for partners–you could quite possibly earn your way into owning a share, or even all, of an existing business.As for me, I have come to enjoy having multiple roles and avenues for personal as well as professional fulfillment. I teach entrepreneurship at a university, write, and engage audiences as a public speaker. I have invested in several Internet sites. I have created several of these sites myself, while others are turn-key sites. (A turn-key site is one where a system is already in place to provide a product or service as well as technical support, transaction processing, and customer service.) For instance, I have one site that provides Internet domain names, and that is a turn-key site which I purchased for less than two hundred dollars. I am also an independent consultant for a network marketing firm that offers consumable health, wellness and beauty products. A network marketing structure offers me the opportunity to develop, train, and mentor persons who are interested in growing a business opportunity. Meanwhile, as a continual learner myself, I can enhance my skills and knowledge and benefit from peers and individuals who have already blazed a trail before me.Every business model implies trade-offs and unique characteristics as well as lifestyle choices. I enjoy teaching, but I also think that staying connected as an entrepreneur makes me a better teacher. I like to learn, so I am always pursuing new insights through casual as well as formal research (which I share through writing and speaking). I enjoy helping others, and teaching, mentoring, and guiding others is essential, to me. As a person of humble beginnings whose accomplishments have often been the result of starting from scratch, my most profound lessons have been acquired from the “school of hard knocks.” If I can smooth out someone else’s path, I’d like to do that. I also have enduring financial obligations, like most people, as well as responsibilities and love for friends and family members. Thus, any entrepreneurial decision has a direct impact on every aspect of my life.In your own way and given your own set of circumstances, you will have to juggle to achieve your own unique entrepreneurial and lifestyle solutions. Before you take the entrepreneurial plunge, consider various business models and their implications completely. Your decisions will impact your life in ways that are to be considered just as seriously as the business models that you scrutinize. The right model will serve as a pattern for your fulfillment and success. Whatever you do, I suggest that you seek spiritual, emotional, and professional balance as a guiding light in your entrepreneurial journey. Making the right choices will enable you to find your “groove,” gain your freedom, and live the kind of life that you’ve always wanted, both on and off the entrepreneurial playing field.

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Art As We Know It Today

Art is an umbrella term that covers many different creative disciplines. No longer is the idea of art restricted to the canvas and oil paints of masters long past, but it is an integral part of our everyday lives. Art is a large part of graphic design, it is utilized in animation, for web design, in films for movie sets and even in photography and audio engineering.Creative design logos that we see on everyday products are taken for granted by most consumers, yet it is thanks to artistic individuals that we are able to associate name brands with these products. Branding is big business in today’s global market and a well recognised logo can make all the difference in the success or failure of a product.Animation is moving art and takes great skill to accomplish. Artists spend thousands of hours creating not only the characters used in today’s animated films, but they are also responsible for every detail visible in the individual frame. For every hour of animated movie, thousands of hours have been spent creating the visual feast that draws crowds to the cinemas.Web design is a booming global industry as it is a method for businesses to effortlessly advertise their service or product. Talented web designers use all the artistic knowledge at their disposal in combination with vast technical expertise to create the perfect web page to deliver your message.In the movie industry art and artists are used extensively to assist with set design, for the creation of everything from movie posters to the graphic designers and studio artists who work on creating props for the film sets. The creative industry is closely interwoven with the film industry and the work of talented creative people can be seen in every aspect of the creation process.The work is also evident in the advertising industry in all media, from magazines to television advertisements. Another fantastic medium for showcasing the diversity of art is photography. Thanks to advancement in photographic technology, wonderful and interesting effects can be created with lighting effects and digital manipulation. Photography has become an art form in its own right, yet it can still be used to depict creative images with a unique flair.Using color effects and tints and a range of innovative programs used to manipulate digital imagery has made photography a diverse creative medium. It is easily accessible by creative individuals who can range from housewives to business professionals to cover a wide range of media.Whether your intent is to capture the memories of your child’s birthday party or to create a powerful advertising campaign, photography is a wonderful medium for this purpose. The amateur photographer can easily hone their skills by attending photographic training classes that will teach a variety of interesting techniques for improving your skill with a camera.No matter where you turn, you will find yourself exposed to the beauty that is art. Whether this is in the form of a beautiful painting, a cleverly put together television advertisement or an image in a glossy magazine, art is here to stay.

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Make Music in the Recording Arts

Whether you’re interested in studio recording, concert sound, movie sound, radio and TV broadcasting, artist management, or working with a record label, you’ll get the career preparation you need at recording arts schools.Just be sure to put your tech hat on — the advent of digital recording, editing, and broadcasting has changed the landscape of the recording arts. Computer software now performs many of the recording and editing functions once reserved for specialized electronic equipment. And instead of video and audiotapes, most radio and TV stations utilize hard drives and other computer data storage systems. Because of this, you’ll need a solid background in computer networking and software to lay the foundation for recording arts careers.Recording arts schools offer intensive audio education that covers every facet of music and audio production, from tracking and overdubs to mixing and mastering. The professional recording studios at recording arts schools allow you to record bands using the same microphones, mixing boards, and digital audio workstations used in studios all over the world. In recording arts schools, you’ll also explore the techniques involved in working with audio for video games as well as audio post-production for movies and TV shows.Recording arts curriculum typically covers audio recording and production, digital recording, music business, and sound reinforcement. With the proper training from recording arts schools, you could become a broadcast engineer, dialogue editor, foley editor, foley recordist, location sound engineer, mastering engineer, mix engineer, music editor, recording engineer, sound designer, sound effects editor, sound recordist, or a number of other vocations in the recording arts.Once you’ve launched one of these recording arts careers, you may choose to pursue professional certification. The Society of Broadcast Engineers offers the Certified Audio Engineer designation for experienced recording arts technicians who pass a proficiency exam. The exam consists of 50 multiple-choice questions on operating practices, problems, theory, and safety.And there’s never been a better time to pursue recording arts careers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of sound engineering technicians is expected to grow faster than the average for all occupations through 2014. Median annual earnings of professionals with these recording arts careers were $38,110 in May 2004; the highest 10 percent earned more than $80,450.

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Career Change – Tips To Writing The Winning Resume Cover Letter!

In any job hunt where you are changing careers skillful drafting of the resume cover letter is a must. Almost without exception a career change cover letter will accompany your resume. The only exception is if you are applying for a job electronically-but even there you can find a way to get your point across.An effective cover letter is often the deciding factor as to whether you are called in for an interview. It is not necessarily read until you reach a short list. Then it is vital to present a good career change cover letter, to prove your skills and abilities along with writing and reporting skills. It is a good idea to personalize each cover letter for each employer. With word processing you can tailor the cover letter to reflect what aspect of your experience and skills match what the employer is looking for.A career change cover letter must concentrate on your skill base and expertise. The cover letter will show all the necessary information to give the prospective employer a specific idea of your ability and how your previous work experience will fit the needs and requirements of the position.The career change cover letter should immediately catch the attention of the prospective employer. The idea of the career change cover letter is to give you a chance to prove your adaptability and give you a chance to show good reason for changing your previous career field.The successful applicant will demonstrate in their career change cover letter, their related experiences and skills in the new field of employment. You will detail the relevant education for the new career choice. Don’t forget seminars attended, workshops completed and relevant self-study.The career change cover letter should emphasize transferable skills from previous employment and other skills and interests that will benefit the new career choice.The career change cover letter gives you an excellent opportunity to show how they can contribute to the success of the newly considered company or organization. It is in the cover letter that they can prove you are keen to take on a new role.At this stage of the career change cover letter you should dwell on the company or employer you seek to impress rather than on their own merits. Show that you are vital to the future of the new industry, and impress them by their knowledge, research and interest in the new position. This is a chance to concentrate on the employer, and the job opening.The cover letter can show the new skills you will bring to the table, because of your previous training and experience. Highlight the fact that experience in diverse fields and careers can bring unique skills to the prospective employer.One other vital piece of information, if appropriate at the job interview, if the employer has misgivings because you do not have the required direct experience, is to offer to work as a temporary employee until you have the required experience. This offer can be reemphasized in your thank you letter that you send after the interview.Changing careers is always a challenge, but if you do your research, carefully draft your cover letter, and remain flexible you should find success in your search to start a new career.

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11 Of the 27 Brilliant Reasons to Learn Animal Communication

Most people have no idea there are so many remarkable benefits to learn animal communication… Until they experience it for themselves.Let’s go over the basics of how this works first, then you’ll discover the first 10 of 27 total unexpected and brilliant reasons to learn to talk to animals yourself.Developing Your IntuitionHow is animal communication related to growing your intuition?It is a form of energetic, telepathic messaging between your heart and mind and theirs.Animal communication students in The Heart School of Animal Communication are often astonished at how well they can “read an animal’s mind and know what they are feeling and thinking”‘It is beyond exciting to communicate with our own animals, and with other animals you don’t know and have never met.When you learn animal communication yourself, you can do it too!The truth that you are born with the ability to learn animal communication is a truly amazing intuitive superpower!The problem is, not everyone knows they can develop their intuition, or how to go about doing that. It’s like exercising muscles you seldom use or are unaware that you have.But once you start activating, practicing and exercising your gifts, you become stronger, clearer, more confident and accurate in your intuitive assessments and abilities.One of the best ways to experience that is to learn animal communication yourself.Students say:”I didn’t realize how animal communication really works until just now. Someone can connect with my cat and read her thoughts and tell me how she’s feeling and what she wants… ?! That’s amazing! I live for the day when I can do that myself!”"To be able to talk with my animals and provide them a happy and healthy life is exactly what I most want to do.”"I would LOVE to hear what I need to know from the animals.”You’ll discover that when you learn animal communication you’ll be able to talk with dogs, cats, horses, lizards, parrots, fish, wildlife, insects, plants, and even animals that have crossed over.Learning Animal Communication Will Warm Your Heart, Inspire You and Help You HealThe way I teach students how to communicate with animals is a spiritual journey. It’s an “inside job” of personal growth and development, a way to heal, evolve and grow into your best self.An experience you’ll never forget, one that touches your soul and heart.You may think learning to communicate with animals is a different experience than learning to speak a foreign language, or mastering how to solve a math problem, but surprisingly, they are similar in nature.Why?Because both tasks access and use your intuition. They both require you to feel and open your senses. Furthermore, they both engage your creative imagination in unique ways.More than 200,000 animal lovers around the world have already experienced the joys of animal communication. Is it your turn?It’s fun to learn animal communication with the Easy as 1-2-3 Heart Wisdom Methods.There are a Total of 27 Brilliant, Unexpected and Cool Reasons to Learn Animal CommunicationHere’s the short version of the entire list of reasons!When you’ve learned how to talk with animals, you can:1. Solve your pet’s behavior, training or performance problems by going beneath the surface2. Help them feel better when they get hurt, are in pain or are sick3. Instantly know if they need to see a vet, or if something else is bothering them4. Enjoy a better relationship with your animals through mutual respect and understanding5. Bond with new animals quickly and easily6. Feel more confident, connected and happy, completely at ease even if you are highly sensitive and empathic7. Save time and money by not chasing your tail on expensive guesswork8. Manage your stress, release fear and anger, ease depression9. Resolve Human Animal BodyMind Connection entanglements so your pet doesn’t have to mirror or act out your stuff, or get sick with your illnesses10. Able to anticipate and quickly respond appropriately to problems11. Achieve inner contentment, peace and feel satisfied12. Discover your purpose and your pet’s purpose, so you can enjoy fulfilling them together13. Know what they’ve been trying to tell you, important things you missed or don’t know yet14. Feel good about yourself by becoming an excellent pet caretaker and guardian, someone your pet can trust implicitly15. Become an excellent listener, a skillful negotiator, from an open heart and mind16. Be more successful in your career, find work that you love and are passionate about17. Enjoy healing, evolving and growing into your Best Self18. Know yourself better, be able to get your needs met, and take more control of your life19. Able to set clear and healthy boundaries for yourself, others and your pets20. Be prepared when it’s their time to cross over, and be able to ease their passing21. Communicate with them after they’ve made their transition22. Find them when they come back and reincarnate23. Be able to find and connect with them when they reincarnate24. Be able to help lost animals find their way home25. Find out what happened in the past, things only your pet knows because they experienced it, and they remember26. Ease shelter, rescued, foster and abused animals confusion, pain and suffering and help them recover, finding their forever homes27. Have WAY more fun in your lifeUltimately, learning animal communication is a spiritual journey that will change your life for the better in every way that counts.Can you begin to see now why the best way to step out of the ordinary and enjoy an extraordinary life is by learning animal communication?11 of 27 Total Reasons to Learn How To Communicate with Animals Are… To be clearer, let’s look at these reasons to learn animal communication a little closer…1. You can solve your pet’s behavior, training or performance problems by going beneath the surface in a conversation.When you know how to communicate with animals, you can simply ask your dog why she is behaving badly, or not listening to you.Why are they still going to the bathroom inside the house?Why did your horse nip you or buck, or miss their cue? Are they happy?What is it about that specific spot in your bedroom that makes your cat become skittish or with that particular animal that they are aggressive?Why won’t your cat use their litter box?Can you imagine how much easier it would be to train animals properly, solve behavior problems, and improve things if you could just talk to them about stuff?Find out where and why things go wrong, and with their help get back on track?Through the conversation, heart to heart, mind to mind, they can help once you can hear and understand them and their unique viewpoints.2. Enjoy a healthier, happier pet because you’ll be able to help them feel better when they get hurt, are in pain or are sickLet’s say you wake up one morning to find your cat puking on the floor and it’s not just a hairball… , or your dog becomes suddenly weak, lethargic, uninterested in eating breakfast which is unusual behavior.Or the stable manager calls to tell you your horse got hurt or seems sick, asking you what you want to do…Imagine how fantastic it would feel if you could simply ask them what happened? How do they feel? Where do they hurt? What do they need to feel better?Maybe they just need comforting, a way to talk about what’s bothering them.Maybe your cat says not to worry, they tried to snack on your dirty sock but they threw it up and now they feel fine and they won’t do that again.Or on the other hand, maybe your cat says they feel terrible, have a bad headache, and are in pain… they need help.Your dog tells you they feel depressed because they had a bad dream, and could they tell you about it please?Then they happily eat their breakfast and all is well.Or your horse says, I got in a race with my pasture mate and I slide and fell down, banging my hip on a rock. I’m shaken up, bruised, and a bit stiff, but I’m okay, nothing broken.Learning animal communication is a GAME Changer for pet caretakers.Being able to talk to animals is your SUPERPOWER!!3. Instantly know if they need to see a vet, or if something else is bothering themFor example… your dog says I feel horrible, I think I had a stroke, I feel nauseated. I’ve been feeling bad for a few days or months now… I need help, something’s not right.Your cat tells you I can feel a pressure growing inside my head, I can’t see out of one eye, and the pain is becoming more than I can bear.Your horse explains that they can’t put weight on one foot because they think something is broken inside, and that the pain radiates up their shoulder into their neck… It happened yesterday when they stepped wrong and fell.When your pet finally has a way to tell you what’s really wrong, what makes them feel better and what makes it worse, you can partner up and be their best most trusted friend and ally.You’ll know when it’s time to call the vet and if it’s an emergency, or not.You’ll have great information to give the vet to help them figure out and focus in on what’s actually wrong… and you’ll know when the problem isn’t something a vet can solve.Imagine how empowering it is when the two of you can finally speak the same language.4. Feel more confident, connected and happy, completely at ease even if you are highly sensitive and empathicHighly sensitive empaths often feel overwhelmed by the world around them. You pick up too much information, feel drained, and often shut down your intuitive gifts and abilities entirely.When you know how to connect with the world around you in a healthy way, then everything changes.You feel happier, less stressed, calmer and more at ease than ever before.Learning animal communication can teach you how to do exactly that because animals are also highly sensitive, and empathic.They are teachers, healers, angels and guides, and when you can recognize, respect and revere them for who they truly are, they make you a better, healthier, more confident person.5. Discover your life’s purpose and your pet’s purpose, so you can enjoy fulfilling them togetherYour animal is in your life for a reason.They have a purpose.And you do too.Communicating with animals helps you find that purpose, share it, and express it.To live it, achieve it, and feel fantastic fulfilling it together.’Nuff said.6. Become an excellent pet caretaker and guardian, someone your pet can trust implicitlyHow can you be an excellent animal caretaker if you don’t speak their language?That’s like being a foster parent with a child that only speaks a foreign language that you don’t know.How can you understand each other?How can they tell you if they are struggling or have a problem or question, or feel confused about something?Even worse, how can they get help if they don’t feel well, get hurt or are sick?What if you’re feeding them foods or treats that make them feel sick because they aren’t right for them?What if the laundry detergent you use gives them headaches?Or the litter in the litter box is toxic, clogging their sinuses and lungs? Or it’s too deep, or not deep enough?What if the saddle or bit doesn’t fit them well, or it’s hitting them in the wrong place… or what if the farrier did a bad job of shoeing them and now they’re about to go lame… and they have no way of telling you?Your animal needs to be able to trust you and know you’ll listen to them, that their needs and what they think and feel is important to you.Imagine how much better a pet parent you would be if you spoke their language?7. Be prepared when it’s their time to cross over, and be able to ease their passingOne of the most dreaded events in any animal lover’s life is the day when it’s time for them to make their transition.Did you know that animal lovers often grieve the loss of their pets longer and harder than they do losing human friends or family? It’s true.What if instead you could talk to them about how they feel, what they need and help prepare properly for their passing?What if you could experience peace knowing you took the right action at the right time, honoring their wishes.You would avoid the guilt or worry that you failed them somehow…And without the added stress, worry, dread, or guilt you could really be there for them. You wouldn’t add to their pain.You could love them in the best possible way when they need your help the most.Easing their passing when it’s time, knowing when and how they want to leave, is one of the most priceless gifts you’ll ever experience.8. Reconnect and communicate with them after they’ve made their transitionAnimals are spiritual beings having physical animal body experiences, just like humans are spiritual beings having human physical experiences.When we leave our bodies, it’s because it’s time to go home now, back to Source.It’s the same with animals. Their Spirit continues after they leave their body.When you know how to communicate with animals, you can connect with both animals that are alive in their physical body, and also with animal Spirits that have crossed over.Many people want to learn to communicate with animals because they are looking for a way to hear from their pet in the animal afterlife.Even more wonderful and exciting? Connecting with a loved pet who has transitioned is just as easy as communicating with one that is alive in their body! 9. Be able to help lost animals find their way homeAnimals often go missing or on an adventure away from home. I think of these excursions as “walk abouts”.Sometimes they are exploring their territory, sometimes they feel the “call of the wild” and are doing what the Native Americans would call a Vision Quest as part of their journey.Sometimes they escape out the door when you’re not looking, get off leash, or they take off to parts unknown due to fright or panic or…And yes, many animals get lost every day.Some make their way home safely after a few hours of freedom.Some are caught and rescued, put in shelters or taken to vets as we the people try to find out where they belong and get them home.And some never make it home.Beyond putting up the typical Missing Pet posters, flyers, and notices in the neighborhood, what else can you do to help them make it back to you healthy, safe and alive in one piece?How do you know if they are still alive or have met misadventures and are no longer in their body?When you learn animal communication you can simply ask them, things like:”Where are you?” “When are you coming home?” “So you remember how to get home or are you so far away you need me to come get you?” “Are you hurt?”You can also communicate with the animals in the neighborhood.Have they seen your pet? Ask them to tell your pet to come home now.They can help too.10. Ease shelter, rescued, foster and abused animals confusion, pain and suffering and help them recover, finding their forever homes7.4 million animals wound up in shelters in 2017. I expect the numbers have gone up since then. Of those, 2.6 million lost their lives.In addition to losing their homes, their friends, their families, many were abused.Some found new homes and lives, and some have done well although many of them had a hard time adjusting and healing, regrouping and bonding.But many have not found their forever homes. They may have behavior or health problems that make it hard for them to be adopted.Unless their new guardian knows how to deal successfully with the behaviors or are able to help them heal, then often they are returned to the system like orphans in our foster care system. Over and over again.They felt lost, abandoned, afraid, and rejected. These animals were grieving, sick and injured.They had no compassionate guidance to help them, no one they could trust, and no chance to tell their story to someone who could hear them and help them heal and regroup and move forward in their life.For those on death row, nobody prepared them to die either.This is so tragic. This hurts my heart. I know it does yours too.We can help these animals by communicating with them!You can help them heal, help them find themselves again, change their bad behaviors, encourage them to successfully bond with their new people, and go on to fulfill their purpose.And when we do this right, animals and people can take a big breath of relief, we feel safe together and more connected.Learning advanced communication techniques and healing helps animals who have lost their homes or been injured, rejected, neglected, abandoned, left behind, abused or worse.I taught a really good introduction to the topic along with many wonderful healing techniques you can use in the Advanced Animal Talk Mastery Course and we’ve gone much deeper on this topic too in Animal Talk Coaching & Mastery Club Heart Wisdom Masterclasses.11. Have WAY more fun in your lifeSurprisingly, this isn’t about trying hard. It’s about relaxing into it, making it easy and as natural as breathing or talking with your best friend.Finally, treat learning animal communication as fun and exciting. No need to get all serious about it.Animals are everywhere, all around you. From insects to birds to lizards, to cats and dogs and horses…Have fun talking to them! The more fun you have, the more this wonderful gift will rub off everywhere else in your life too!Start learning animal communication now and all these benefits can be yours!Now that you know just SOME of the uniquely wonderful benefits to learning animal communication, you’re probably wondering how you can communicate with animals yourself!Imagine the possibilities…Discover all The Heart School of Animal Communication online courses, classes and the BEST online Animal Talk Coaching & Mastery Club membership opportunities.A wide variety to choose from, unmatched anywhere else, designed to fit your budget and skill level. Pick the one that best fits your needs to get started:Start with your FREE Heart Wisdom eBook: Hidden Secrets to Communicating with Pets! See the link below to The Heart School of Animal Communication on the Learn How to Talk to Animals website to get your copy!The Heart School of Animal Communication ALL CoursesThere you’ll find the How to Talk to Animals complete Beginning Core Foundations Animal Communication Course.There’s no risk to taking the next step because all The Heart School of Animal Communication courses are fully guaranteed for your satisfaction.

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